Status Update

I have been off my blog for a while now. In year 2021 I started a new job at AWS and I have been busy with that. My time was occupied with learning new things and working on new projects.

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How much Dev and Ops shall be in the DevOps?

DevOps is a very popular modern set of practices for a software development and operations. And here comes quite interesting question:

How much Development and how much Operations shall be in the DevOps for engineers?

Is there an ideal balance?

I believe there is no particular numbers for such balance, but there is an ultimate ideal goal of making people free from Operations.

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Xmonad and Xmobar for laptop

Here I publish my Xmonad and Xmobar setup for the laptop. Key features of this setup is ability of the proper dynamic monitor setup: laptop screen + second HDMI connected monitor.

  • Monitor can be connected and disconnected any time.
  • Each monitor has its instance of Xmobar.
  • Instances of the Xmobar are added/removed dynamically.

I use systemd service for the detection of the external monitor/screen attachment/detachment.


Screenshot of Xmobar on two screens

Xmobar dual screen

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Do you want to grow your expertise? Then write!

There are a lot of talks about necessary skills experts in the technical area require. When new talents dive into the technology area (telecommunication networks, electrical engineering, system engineering, etc.) they are focused on the acquisition of the necessary technical knowledge and skills such as: computer skills, programming, systems architecture, hardware design, DevOps and so on.

But if you ask me, there is one skill which stands out good specialists from the great experts: writing. I do not mean writing the code (or programming), I mean writing down the text: for yourself and, more important, for others.

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Semantics of "innovation"

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. © Peter Drucker.

In this post I am analyzing why traditional telecommunication industry still has issues with innovation in the current cloud solutions era.

And why even when telecommunication operators are trying to hire engineers, developers with innovative thinking and cloud experience, they still fail to deliver innovations continuously.

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