Tmux Session Manager

I made a simple Tmux session manager in Python. Actully, it is Python wrapper over tmux and fzf.

github repo

Tmux session manager screenshot

Tmux session manager screenshot


I use Tmux quite extensively in my job and needed some tool which allowed me to manage my Tmux sessions efficiently:

  1. Create sessions:
    • With necessary number of windows
    • Given window names
    • Given root folder for each window
      • Handle root folders with special charaters and spaces, e.g. ~/Downloads/Project {1} - Test (1)
  2. Restore/re-create sessions if I accidentially mess it up.
  3. Switch between sessions.

Why Python?

Initially I had a very simple shell script doing almost all job but by some reason I could not make it work with paths containing special characters like spaces, brackets, etc. E.g. shell script was not able to process path like one above: ~/Downloads/Project {1} - Test (1). I know, it is an extreme example, but I wanted my script being able to cope with any path.

I tried to write a wrapper in Python and it turned to be working quite well.


Only one: fzf

How it works

  • You need Tmux and FZF installed
  • By default the folder for your session config files is ~/.config/tmux-project-sessions, but you can change in the script main() function by setting config_path variable.
  • Session file name is a session name
  • Session file format:

Each entry is window name = root folder pair. If one is empty - default value defined by Tmux config is going to be used.

# Example Tmux Session

= ~/
config = ~/.config
down = ~/Downloads
project = ~/Projects/my awesome project

Script parameters

Script accepts only one parameter: restore. If you call restore - it will re-create selected session in accrodance with definition in the selected session file.