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I really like Alacritty terminal emulator for its speed, simple configuration and how accurately it shows fonts. But there is bit flaw which finally stimulated me go back to wsltty - support of Unicode.

I think on native Linux Alacritty supports Unicode characters quite well. I saw test of different terminal emulators on Youtube, e.g. this one from DistroTube1 and Alacritty held itself quite well there. But on Windows with WSL it does not work properly.

Here is Unicode test page on Alacritty on Windows with WSL:

And this is the same test page with wsltty on the same machine:

As you can see, unfortunately on Windows 10, the wsltty has full support of Unicode, while Alacritty supports only fraction of unicode symbols. I tried to switch between different fonts, but situation is the same. So, it is not a font issue, it is really Alacritty issue on Windows.

  1. DistroTube video: