Bye Windows, and thanks for the WSL!

I am sorry. I did not post anything new for a quite long time. I was on vacation and last weeks I was busy with movement to Linux completely.

As I wrote before, WSL is a great tool to learn Linux properly, not from the GUI, but from the command line side. And I proved it on my own example. It took me a bit of planning and preparation, but my migration to Linux is complete. Now I have:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad E495:
    • All HW works fine.
    • Power management as well.
  • I use Manjaro Linux. Yes, rolling release for my type of work is beneficial.
  • I made full disk encryption (LUKS).
  • I use BTRFS file system.
  • I do not use full blown desktop environment. I switched to tiling window manager directly: Xmonad & Xmobar.
  • My home printer/scanner works (Canon Pixma MX535).
  • I do have Windows 10 VM, because German tax reports software ("Steuertipps") runs on Windows or Mac only.
    • I run Windows 10 VM on the Linux native virtualization layer - KVM/QEMU.

I will not lie. Migration to Linux was not super smooth, but it was not so hard. All problems have solutions, Arch Wiki is a great source of wisdom. I cannot tell if Linux community is polite or not, all problems I met are already described and can be “googled”. :)

Now, because my migration is over, I will post new articles.

BR, Alexey